100 - 10 = 60?

The case for email validation

10% bad email addresses in your data prevent you from reaching more than 40% of your customers, reducing the efficiency of your list to 60% at best. Use List Genie to reclaim the full value of your digital marketing campaigns.

Boost Email Delivery

The more customers you reach, the better the outcome for your business. List Genie reduces hard bounces by over 96%.

Maximize Data Value

Bad data reduce quality and value. List Genie weeds them out and maximizes the effectiveness and value of your email list. Frequently, our customers report increased engagement rates since using List Genie.

Focus on Real People

Fake leads and incorrect email addresses waste time which is better spent converting real leads into sales. Only real people spend money with your business.

Protect Your Reputation

Lower the risk of spam-filters, black-lists or blocks keeping your messages from reaching your customers.

Every fifth marketing email does not get delivered

In 83% of the cases that's due to a poor sender reputation

A simple solution to reach more Customers

Build your target list, upload it to List Genie for validation and deliver your message. It only takes three steps to get more from your data.

1. Target
2. Validate
3. Deliver

Executive Summary: List Genie in numbers

96.5% Bounce Reduction
98.8% Avg Delivery Rate
73.4% Avg Engagement Rate Increase
97.2% List Genie Accuracy

Source: List Genie Customer Survey 2015

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Real-time form validation

Integrate our API to maximize data quality at the time of entry.

  • Catch mistyped email addresses

  • Stop fake email address entries on your form

  • Fast response times

  • Easy to integrate with your electronic forms

  • Complements your existing form validation process

  • Compatible with websites, mobile apps, desktop applications, CRM systems, Call-Centre application and many more

Files & Lists bulk validation

Clean your entire list before sending.

  • Greylisting & Tarpitting resolution

  • Over 97% accuracy. – Up to eight passes per email included

  • Flexible options for seamless integration into your automated bulk processes

  • Automated data delivery options - send your cleaned directly to your ESP for sending.

  • Use File cleaning as a standalone or in conjunction with our API for optimal data hygiene.

Protecting your data

We handle your data with great care and confidentiality.

  • We only allow secure data transmission, such as HTTPS and SFTP to access our API and file upload servers.

  • Your data remain unchanged. List Genie appends validation status information to your data points.

  • We do not keep your data.

  • We will never sell, re-purpose or share your data with third parties.

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A word on Safe Harbour & Privacy shield

On October 6, 2015 the European High Court nullified the Safe Harbour Framework between the EU and USA used as the basis for transferring personal data. Privacy Shield is the replacement framework, but real uncertainty remains as to how effectively it will be monitored and enforced. List Genie stores and processes your data in data centres within the EU, keeping you compliant with EU data protection directives.

Why to choose us

At List Genie we believe your messages should have maximum exposure. You invested sweat, time and money to create an outstanding product or service. You went the extra mile to craft a promising email campaign. It’s now down to the quality of your email list.

List Genie makes sure that bad data do not stand between you and your potential customers.

Pay Only For Results

In some cases, we cannot determine the status of an email address and mark them as ‘Unknown’. We believe you should only pay for results and will not bill you for undetermined email addresses.

100% Risk-Free

No contracts. No minimum monthly usage. No minimum fee. No setup fee.
Try List Genie now. It’s risk-free.

Fast & Accurate

List Genie is one of the fastest and most accurate email address validation platform available.

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Prices start at less than a penny

Our prices start at under a penny per email validation and it gets cheaper from there. We count the number of validations (API & Files) every month and apply your volume based discount. The more you validate, the cheaper it gets.

Monthly Volume Rates

up tp 250k £0.0075 per validation
250k - 500k £0.006 per validation
500k - 1M £0.0045 per validation
1M - 2M £0.0035 per validation
more than 2M CONTACT US

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